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Keeping your house looking tidy every month of the year is exactly what we are all about at House Cleaning Newcastle. We are an extremely dedicated house cleaning business as we take pride in the work we do. Ensuring everything about your home is looking as if it’s the first day you moved in is our main focus. This is a skill that we have perfected over a number of years and experience. We always choose to provide a quality detailed finish over getting the job done quickly and at a poor standard. Our house cleaners believe that this is the best way to not only give our customers the top of the line result, but to leave an impact with them that will last.

Being at home surrounded by your best friends and loved ones can be one of the best ways that you can find yourself rewinding at the end of a long stressful day at work. Unfortunately, this might not always be the case. Nobody wants to arrive back home ready to kick up their feet only to find out you have to spend the rest of your free afternoon scrubbing mouldy tiles, mopping filthy floors and wiping messy benchtops! Keep your broom in the cupboard, put the bucket of soapy water down and leave your place in the hands of house cleaners Newcastle NSW. Our goal is to leave your residence in the best condition it’s ever been in.  

Wondering about prices? Give us a call or fill out our free instant quote form and we will gladly provide you all of the information about our fees free of charge.  Not only can you call us about our simple one-off house cleanings, you can also enquire about our weekly or fortnightly regular cleans and also our more detailed spring cleaning/moving out of home and end of lease cleans we provide as well. We personally guarantee that Cleaners Newcastle will get the job done right.

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Why Hire A House Cleaner?

You could try to carry out a full house clean on your own. For some people this can seem quiet overwhelming, especially if you are inexperienced and don’t have to equipment to complete the job correctly. Often this can lead to a rather disappointing result which in turn will need to be redone. Why not get someone in from the beginning who knows what they are doing to give you a helping hand.

Why Trust Us For Your Cleaning Service In Newcastle

Cleaners Newcastle is a professional company which has been serving the people of the hunter for a number of years. In those years we have. Created an extremely large collective of happy customers who rely on us for our friendly nature, great pricing and proven results. We will always strive our best to preform a service to the highest standard, unmatched by our competitors. Regardless of the type of package you are seeking, we guarantee you will be blown away by the end result. Our mission is to ensure you are getting the best possible clean every single time. Which is why our clients love us and keep on coming back for more

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House Cleaning Newcastle

What We Offer

By choosing us for your cleaning services, you can have the option for us to come out for a one off, once a week or fortnightly to give a little TLC to your residence. If you’re needing something more detailed such an end of lease or spring clean, we can take care of that to! Basically, to sum it up, we are the go-to company in Newcastle if you are really looking for that wow effect that will not only impress you, but anyone that comes over!

One Off Clean

or when the craziness of life piles up on you and time seems like it’s getting away, let us lend a hand by taking that dirty and sub-par looking place of residence into a home you would bring strangers inside to show off!! Similar to our weekly/fortnightly clean, we cover a range of different housework areas with our one-off cleaning service from Dusting and Empty Rubbish Bins to scrubbing your toilets. This will make it look just like new without you having to break your back trying to get clean it yourself.

Weekly / Fortnightly Clean

Don’t feel like cleaning again? Want all the hassle of keeping your kingdom spotless to be somebody else’s problem? Well look no further! Cleaners Newcastle weekly/fortnightly cleaning service is perfect for the person who wants to return home each night to a place they know is going to be clean and will stay that way without even having to pick up a mop. This can be booked in for a constant return either weekly or fortnightly for whenever suits you, we fit around your crazy lifestyle! Leaving your home sparkly fresh everytime.

End Of Lease Cleaning Newcastle

We specialise not only in the small jobs, but the big ones to! Planning of moving out? Wanting to get those cobwebs dusted away? We take the hard work out of these big jobs making your life not only easier but a whole lot cleaner! This detailed End of lease / Spring Clean service will be sure to make an impact whether your impressing new tenants, your landlord or just you loved ones. Here at House cleaning Newcastle NSW, we will provide the premium result you’re looking for without the premium cost behind it. Still have questions about our end of lease cleaning newcastle prices and what we can do for you? Remember to fill out our free quote or call us today!

Benifits Of Having a Newcastle House Cleaner

  • Reducing allergy and asthma symptoms

If an area of your home is messy, it increases the potential of dust and mould to accumulate. If areas are neglected long enough and not cleaned properly, this can lead to a reduction in air quality and can potentially increase asthma problems.

  • Improving safety

Falls and fires are two of the leading causes of injuries inside the home. To reduce the chance of injury and to increase safety it’s important your areas remain clean and tidy. Staying on top of clutter that can potentially aid in the spread of a house fire is essential to keeping your home safe.

  • Lessening the spread of germs

Despite what most people think, the kitchen is one of the most germ ridden spots in your home (as opposed to the bathroom) This is mainly because of the large amounts of crevices that can hold water or food. It’s essential that each area is cleaned thoroughly to ensure there’s less risk of germs spreading.

  • Keeping pests away

Bugs and rodents are attracted to dirty / uncleaned areas. Not only is it an unattractive look, these pests can spread disease germs, bacteria and allergies which can have a significant impact on your health.  Keeping up regular cleaning habits will reduce the chance of these pets appearing in your home.

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House Cleaning

Cleaners Newcastle - The Best House Cleaning Service

Taking care of your home can be a disheartening task if you either don’t have the time to do it yourself or you don’t know who you can trust. When you give us a call or book an appointment there will be no confusion as we do more than just clean, we connect with the vison you have for your home and provide what is not only the best method for getting there but we also achieve this without breaking your wallet. We pride ourselves on our customer-oriented attitude and make sure that when you come to us, we do our absolute best to deliver the highest standard of service unmatched compared to our competitors. 

With our friendly, warm and helpful staff taking the struggles out of maintaining your amazing home, it’s a no brainer when it comes to deciding if we are the best bet for you. We can accomplish this through either a onetime clean, a regular schedule or a detailed end of lease cleaning newcastle clean. If you don’t have the professionals at House Cleaning Newcastle helping you out then you’re really missing out because there will be no one else who can even come close to our level of service. 

House Cleaning Newcastle

Promotions and More! 

Not only do we provide the best housework service and prices, we are also going to let you know about our promotions and Coupons that we offer to our customers. After all there is only one thing better than having a spotless home to live in and that’s paying a fraction of the cost for it! Give us a call us today, mention our Cleaning Coupons and Promotions and we will be happy to discuss with you exactly what we can do to help both you and your wallet out.
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