Weekly / Fortnightly Clean

Weekly / Fortnightly Cleans

Why ever have to clean again? Our weekly and fortnightly service eliminates the need to ever have to pick up a broom! Put us in charge of maintaining that level of cleanliness you know you deserve; you won’t have to worry about keeping the bathrooms in check or making sure the windows are smudge free as we take care of it! Just like our one-off clean, our cleaners Newcastle will come in on a day and time that suits you and provide a number of services to keep your home looking like the best on the block. Our cleaners pride themselves on the work they take out and we know that no matter what type of home you have, big or small, you will love what we can do for you!
You can call us today to answer any questions you have about this service, alternatively you can fill out the Free Instant Quote Form on this page and we will get back to you as well.

Services we provide:   
• Dusting
• Mopping
• Vacuuming
• Dishes
• Toilets
• Bathrooms
• Windows
• Ovens
• Ironing

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